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MODULE 6: Review of Basic Movements, Skills and Positions

I.                    Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
a. identify the basic movements, skills and positions in dance;
b. execute the fundamental or basic arms and feet positions; and
c. value  the importance of the fundamental or basic arms and feet positions

II.                  Overview:

These concepts taught in dance are the five basic positions of the arms and feet. The mastery of these positions is essential to a child’s further development in dance. These positions comprise the most basic and most important strong hold in dancing.

These basic steps, basic movements, basic patterns, or simply “basics” in dance defines the character of a particular dance. It sets the rhythm of dance. It is the default move to which a dancer returns when not performing any other moves. For some dances, it is sufficient to know the basic steps performed in different hand holds and dance positions to enjoy it socially.

III.                Learning Content:

Here are the five fundamental arms and feet position in dance.


1st position
-Both arms are raised forward in a circle in front of the chest with the fingertips about an inch apart.
2nd position
-Both arms are raised sideward with graceful curve at shoulder level.
3rd position
-Left arm is raised sideward as in 2nd position; right arm raise upward.
4th position
-Left arm is raised in front as in first position; right arm raised overhead.
5th position
-Both arms are raised overhead.


1st position
-Heels close together; toes apart within an angle of around 45 degrees.
2nd position
-Point the right toe sideward; bring down the heel of the right foot.
3rd position
-Heel of one foot is close to in step of other foot.
4th position
-Point the right toe forward; bring down the heel of the right foot.
5th position
-Close the right foot to the left by circling and return to the first position.


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